Having had the tradition of furniture business and knowledge since 1949, our company was founded in 1975 under the name of Yenkur Möble. During this period, production was made on the basis of order and wooden furniture, metallic table and chairs were made.

5 storey store was built in front of the production plant in 1981 and besides, standard model production and sales have begun following production on the basis of order in line with multi-storey store concept.

In 1993, in addition to the furniture of home and hotel, motel, areas for food and beverages, production and sales of office furniture were started. In 1995, our company moved to its 5000-m2 new place in Sarnıç settlement as production site and machinery has been completely renewed. Standard model products were improved between 1998-2003. Model designing has been prioritized and original models have been created. 

Product range has been increased. Dealerships of famous domestic and foreign companies have been obtained.

Successful home and office projects have been realized. Collections under the name of Ege Atmosferi was designed between 2004 and 2005. Entire store (from its exterior side to its all storeys) was completely renewed towards the end of 2005. Number of dealerships has been increased and new brands have been introduced to İzmir. The largest bed trial center where buyers may test the bed they want to buy has been put into service.

Finally, Yenkur Mobilya evi (Furniture house) has become a place where we can provide better service and shopping has been turned to an enjoyable activity.